24 April 2009

Having Friends Means Having Them Around

Jamie in a red t-shirt

Spring is spranging in Vancouver, and Ami and I have been busy entertaining more guests. For those of you just tuning in, our apartment in Kitsilano has been a regular youth hostel--and we couldn't be happier. The most recent lodgers were a pair of Kiwi girls visiting from Scotland: Deb, an old friend of Ami, and Charlotte. Due to our work schedule, most of the time the girls made their own way, but we were there to provide maps, bus tickets, and vouchers for various local attractions. We really liked having them stay, and we can't wait until Deb returns in October.

We also have more friends coming to stay this weekend. Jimmy K and Nicole were the other Kiwi couple who came to Vancouver to live, only to transplant to the far north for a more authentic Canadian experience (far north being Yellowknife, where the winter temperature is regularly between -20 and -40). I'm looking forward to hanging out with them this weekend. Even the most benign activity can go off the rails when we're with those two (see Darts post below).

I promised to tell you all about our trip to Las Vegas, but I haven't got the photos up on my Picasa album yet. Notice I didnt' say Facebook. I deleted my Facebook account last month, so I'm using Picasa to share photos now--which is better because you don't need a Picasa account to see the photos I've posted. So yeah: Facebook is soooooo 2006; Twine and Twitter are the new black.

Deb, Ami, and Charlotte