19 March 2009

One More Go on the Old Mountain

One of the best parts of living in Vancouver is the easy access to snowboarding. Considering Cypress Mountain is only thirty minutes away, and also considering we paid for season passes to this very mountain, I'm a little disappointed we only went snowboarding a few days. So when a Spring blizzard blew through BC, we made our best effort to have one more go before the park closed.

Snowboarding with Ami has always been a challenge. Her skill level far surpasses mine, and it's no wonder: she's been on either skis or a snowboard since she was seven. My Kansas childhood spent ice skating the frozen streets of East Wichita doesn't quite match her years on the snow. I've been chasing her since I strapped in to my first snowboard on Coronet Peak in 2004. Five years on, and I can follow her down the mountain just about anywhere.

Spring is a breath away. I promise to boost my efforts on blog updates from here on.

Check out a few choice shots of this season's snow activities.