11 July 2007

11 July -- Jamie's sister is a smart cookie

Recently, Jamie's mother, father, and younger brother flew to England. There they will see Jamie's sister, Molly, graduate from Cambridge University's Master's Program, an event Jamie truly wishes he could attend. Molly, somewhat unfairly, has not received the same attention at graduation ceremonies as her older siblings. For example, at her high school graduation Jamie was the only representative from the Love family (and was later shunned--though quite rightly--in favor of a friend's party). Unfortunately for Molly, this was one more than the number of Loves attending her college graduation.

So when it came to her completing graduate school, Molly's parents were not going to let anything stop them. Indeed, they are flying halfway (literally) around the world to witness this remarkable achievement (although Molly will forever contend that it took her graduating from one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on the planet to garner such attention). And while Karen, Darrell, and Peter are in the mix, her other brothers and sister will have to cheer from the sidelines. Libby will be busy hydrating in the Kansas summer, while Jamie huddles by the fire in a futile effort to stave off the chill of New Zealand's winter. John, true to form, has decided he will be in Jerusalem, where it's safe, instead of in England where the terrorists live. All, however, are very proud of Molly.